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of the The Nutritional Therapy Institute Clinic

(formerly The Recovery Systems Clinic)


julia rossJulia Ross is a pioneer in the field of nutrition as it affects appetite, mood, and behavior and a specialist in the treatment of eating disorders and addictions. She has founded and directed seven successful treatment programs in the San Francisco Bay Area, including Northern California’s first treatment program for food addiction.

In 1980, as director of her first program, Ross began hiring nutritionists to research the link between biochemistry, emotion, and addiction. By 1986 this exploration had led to the creation of an exciting new model of treatment that combined innovative nutritional therapy and holistic medical care with conventional counseling and education. In 1988 Ross founded The Recovery Systems Clinic in Mill Valley, California, an outpatient program that further developed this model, with a special focus on treating people with carbohydrate addictions, blood sugar problems, and dieting disorders.

Ross is a popular and compelling speaker who has made hundreds of presentations to introduce the public to the extraordinary benefits of nutrient therapy and biochemical rebalancing. In addition to a busy lecture schedule in California and throughout the US and abroad, Julia provides advanced training for professionals on how to successfully treat compulsive eating, mood problems, and chemical dependency. She has also taught at John F. Kennedy University's Graduate Psychology Program in Orinda, California, and at the University of California Extension, Berkeley, in the Addiction Counseling Certification Program. She is now an adjunct professor at Drexel University.

Ross' best-selling book, The Diet Cure, has sold well over 100,000 copies in the U.S, Canada, the U.K., Australia, and France (as Liberez-vous des Fringales) and was included in Amazon’s Top 10 list of health and body books. When the Diet Cure’s book proposal was first sent to the New York publishing houses it created a sensation. Seven publishers bid on it because of its unique approach to the top-selling subjects in America: Dieting, emotional eating, and weight gain. Julia’s second book, The Mood Cure, released in paperback in 2004, was a finalist for "The Books for a Better Life Award." The varied publications that have featured Ross' work include Vogue, the Journal of Molecular Psychiatry, and the Townsend Letter.

Ross has frequently appeared as an expert on radio and television. Her first national TV appearance, on a news special about the use of amino acid therapy to stop food cravings, generated 50,000 calls to the producers.

Julia holds a M.A. in Clinical Psychology, as well as a California Marriage and Family Therapy license. She is the Director of the Nutritional Therapy Institute in Mill Valley, California.