By Author


of the The Nutritional Therapy Institute Clinic

(formerly The Recovery Systems Clinic)

The first edition of The Diet Cure was published in 1999. It has been a marvel from the start:

✦ The minute the book proposal hit the publishing houses, I began to get calls at my clinic from editors and publishers asking for personal help. When I came to New York, more publishers wanted to meet with me than with any other author my seasoned NYC agent had ever represented. Then there was a bidding frenzy. Why? Because the word was all over Manhattan that a truly new approach to the "weight problem" had arrived—the first since Atkins in 1972.

✦ After publication, grateful readers' reviews began to flood in. Out of dozens of similar postings, this is my favorite: "The chocolate cravings are gone! The ice cream cravings are gone! Refined carbs are not a part of my life anymore and I don't miss them. 6 weeks on The Diet Cure and I am down at least a size in clothing and I feel better than I ever have (EVER)." And twelve years later, they keep on coming.

✦ The Diet Cure keeps on selling—in both the United States and abroad. Take France, where, although obesity is relatively new, Parisian food writer Julien Tort had been struggling with it since childhood. One day, exploring American weight loss methods on the Internet, he discovered low-carb dieting. (This is big news in France, if you can imagine.) He went on Atkins and lost weight easily. He was thrilled. Until his willpower ran out and he reverted to pasta and bread. Back on the Internet he found The Diet Cure. Since then, he's lost seventy pounds, translated the book, and arranged its 2011 French publication.

✦ Many people buy multiple copies of The Diet Cure to give to friends and family. While I was at a spa celebrating a recent birthday, the masseuse started talking about a book she said had saved her life. She'd had cancer and had been treated, but could not stick to the cancer-recovery diet because her sugar cravings were so strong. (Sugar is the favorite food of cancer cells.) "Now," she said, "I'm four years sugar-free and six years cancer-free." When, intrigued, I asked her the name of the book's author, and then told her my name, the room became a screaming love fest, and she told me that she'd given away fifty copies of The Diet Cure as gifts.

More than ever before we need this gift: freedom from the unprecedented, diet-related plagues of the twenty-first century. The Diet Cure came out just before the first stunning reports of the obesity epidemic among adults, and then children, were released. Since then, this phenomenon has escalated to the point that even infant obesity has become a significant problem. The incidence of heart disease, kidney failure, and increased cancer risk has also skyrocketed, along with type 2 diabetes among both adults and children.

Why did things suddenly go so wrong? Because weight- and blood sugar- destabilizing foods are much more plentiful in our diets now, and they are much harder to resist. Thanks to new research worldwide, and to former FDA chief David Kessler's 2010 exposé, we now know that the food industry's efforts to make its products more "palatable" have succeeded beyond even its wildest dreams. We're now officially a nation of food addicts, beyond the help of willpower or any diet. Our only hope is to locate a manual for dismantling that addiction. The Diet Cure is that manual.

So why a new edition? Since the book was first published, our clinic has worked with more than two thousand newly diagnosed food addicts. In the process, we have developed even better methods of correcting the biochemical imbalances that propel us into food addiction. My publisher and I agreed that it was time to send out a new lifeline—an even stronger edition of The Diet Cure that would include all of the clinical advances we've made and the research backing them up. To accomplish this, I have updated and streamlined almost half of the book—extreme measures for extreme times.

A few examples:

✦ We've learned more about how to correct deficits in our brain's appetite chemistry, in our ability to handle stress, and in our sex hormone balance—three well-established triggers of the compulsion to overeat.

✦ One of the most potent methods for eliminating afternoon, evening, and winter food cravings has only recently become available in the United States. We have it for you.

✦ We know better how to test for and treat low thyroid function to improve metabolism and calorie burning.

✦ With diabetes now epidemic, we've found solid clinical research confirming our experience that saturated fat is safe, healthful, and the best blood sugar regulator of all.

✦ The Master Eating Plan has been completely reorganized and updated and includes a vital reevaluation of the facts on red meat, cholesterol, and vegetarianism.

✦ There are new nutrient supplement protocols, new lab tests, new books and CDs to recommend, new ways to find effective holistic practitioners, and more.

I wish you a successful escape from our twenty-first-century dietary disaster. Everything you'll need is packed and ready for you here in the new Diet Cure.

To all of you who have already read The Diet Cure: Trust me when I urge you to invest in this new edition. I've seen your dog-eared copies at my lectures and that many of you have even color-indexed them. But I promise that you will find treasures in the material I've added. (And I'm a better writer now, too!)

Regarding the French Edition
In 2011 the Diet Cure was published in France--“Liberez-Vous des Fringales.”--by a grateful reader of the English edition. Here’s an excerpt from my preface to the French edition:
“I am so sorry and so glad to be writing this foreword to the French edition of Liberez-Vous des Fringales. I’m sorry that you have joined the U.S., and many other formerly healthy and fit countries, in the trap laid by American fast food and low calorie dieting. But I am very happy to be able to provide you with the keys to that trap…”

My best wishes to all of you!