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Success Stories


Taylor, 35, had dealt with cravings for junk food and overeating for most of her adult life. She badly wanted to lose the extra weight she carried because of it, but nothing had ever worked for long. After our initial intake session, when we evaluated which amino acids might be most effective, we began our supplement trials. Since her cravings were often worse in the afternoons and evenings, we gave her a trial of an amino that raised her serotonin levels (which are often low at that time of day). After just one capsule, she felt mellow, less tired, and her cravings for sweets were cut in half. We then gave her a trial of a second amino to replenish her endorphin stores. After one capsule she felt more awake, steady, and at this point had no cravings at all! We put her on a program of these two amino acids, plus a third to level her blood sugar, which often dropped too low and caused a different kind of sugar craving. Sure enough her blood sugar stabilized right away and she was able to go on hikes without it dropping so low that she would have to stop the hike and have a candy bar.

We tweaked her program in the next session to make sure that she was on all of the right amino acids at the right doses, and she became consistently free of craving. She went from having 5 scoops of ice cream in one sitting, to enjoying beautiful meals full of quality protein, plentiful vegetables, and healthy fats which allowed her to start losing the weight.

We had a few extra sessions because

(1)                          Testing showed that Taylor had more food intolerances than we had ever seen. Among many other foods she couldn’t tolerate were gluten, chicken eggs, and milk products. But she was able to enjoy a duck egg omelet with vegetables sautéed in ghee (clarified butter.) No more stuffy nose or constipation.

(2)                          After a month of no junk-food cravings, she had a sudden three days of cravings. She then reported that the cravings came right before she started her period. We were able to eliminate these monthly PMS cravings by adjusting her amino acids during these days. A few months later, she emailed to say that the PMS had disappeared altogether on her healthy new diet and that she had zero cravings all month.



Gayle, a 42-year-old, full-time attorney and mother of two very young children, had been binge-eating ice cream and chocolate (her “comfort foods”) since her teens. She presented with fatigue and increased binge eating, which had caused her to gain 35 pounds over the past few years (since her kids’ births). She drank many cups of coffee a day and ate only bread and peanut butter for breakfast, an apple and a piece of cheese for lunch, and pasta for dinner. In between these meals, for desserts, and on her days, off she binged on sweets. She said that feeling out of control with her food made her already low self-esteem worse and that she was scared because lab tests were now showing that she was pre-diabetic.

After our initial evaluation session, we performed our first amino acid trial. After about 15 minutes she reported that her ice cream cravings were 50% reduced. Because she was a “comfort” eater and was using coffee for false energy, we then suggested a trial of a second amino acid that addressed both these issues. A few minutes later her cravings were even more improved, and she stated she felt calmer as well. But she did not report an improvement in energy.

She was instructed to take this personal anti-craving protocol immediately upon waking, as well as at mid-morning and mid-afternoon. She was encouraged to use her cell phone alarm to help her keep track of timing.

At the end of her first week on her two aminos, Gayle stated, “It is bizarre, I had no cravings all week!” Two days later she had to stop the amino acids for two days to do specialty lab work. By the end of the first day, she reported her cravings were back full force at a 10 out of 10 in intensity and discomfort. She went back on the amino acids immediately after her lab work and stated how surprised she was that her cravings then went from a 10 to a 0 immediately. After six months on the amino acids, Gayle’s cravings are still completely eliminated, and the adrenal testing we suggested and the help of a medical consultant we referred her to, brought her energy back.



A 40-year-old male entrepreneur, Erik had suffered from compulsive eating since the age of five. He craved chocolate, sweets, and starches, as well as fatty and salty foods. These foods were energizing, calming, and numbing for him, and he had no control over his eating.

Erik was also a yo-yo dieter, losing and gaining 40-50 lbs at a time. His moods were up and down and could change one to three times during a day. He would have episodes of anger and irritability, hyperactivity and inability to control his moods. His mental energy was too high most of the time.

After our initial intake session we started trials of aminos with the following results: on the combination of the first two aminos he trialed he reported no cravings. After one small dose of a mood-stabilizing mineral he became, in his words, “mellow.”

When he returned from a bathroom break, he had tears in his eyes and told us that for the first time in his life he felt free of cravings, did not think about food and his mind felt calm. He was willing to do whatever we suggested and to follow through.

We designed his supplement program and made food recommendations according to his unique needs.  He even agreed to stay off gluten-containing foods for two weeks because we convinced him it would help with quick weight-loss and even quicker gass-loss (and it did). After being on the program for four days his wife noticed a huge difference in his mood and that his food cravings had totally disappeared.



Linda is a 46-year-old mom of three teens and an occasional yoga teacher, who was addicted to sugar. In her own words, she was a “slave to cravings.” Mental fogginess, fatigue, and lack of motivation also contributed to her overeating. She described chocolate, other sweets, and starchy foods as energizing and numbing. After completing our initial assessment session, I conducted trials of the following amino acids with her.

Trial #1: No reaction to one capsule. After three capsules: she was smiling.

Trial #2: After one capsule she felt relaxed and had no cravings for her favorite foods.


Trial #3: No reaction to one capsule. After the third capsule, she felt more energetic and lost her caffeine craving.

In week two on the program Linda reported that it was “mind-boggling” to her how her mood and energy had improved and that she did not have any cravings.

When she missed taking the supplements according to plan and did not adhere to her regular food intake, she could tell the difference. She also confessed that one day while travelling she ate some gluten-containing crackers, did not take her supplements, and started getting cravings again for baked goods. But, back on the supplements the following day, the cravings were gone again.

After three months on the program Linda was able to slowly decrease the aminos. Six months later she was still without cravings and taking almost no aminos.



Dana, 28, had battled with overeating since childhood and with bulimia off and on since age 17. As of six months before she came to see us, she had been bingeing and purging 3-4 times a week. Her intense sugar cravings drove her to binge on sweets and her guilt drove her to purge. After an initial work-up, where we learned about her and evaluated which amino acids would be most effective, we began our trials. Like most bulimics, she was a night binger and low in serotonin, so we gave her a trial of an amino to boost her serotonin levels. After two capsules, she felt great, more balanced, less tired, and “would like a big salad rather than a donut”! Next, we targeted her endorphin deficiency. After one capsule, she didn’t feel a change, so we gave her a second capsule and she felt calmer, more alert, and her cravings were almost gone; “a donut sounds gross right now”!

We put her on a program of these two amino acids, plus a third to ease her stress since she often over-ate when she felt overwhelmed. As the weeks went by, she steadily reduced her episodes of bingeing and purging. By week 12 she had gone 5 weeks with no bingeing or purging at all.