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“Your food cravings, overeating, and failed diets are not your fault. It’s the fault of the silently increasing addictive power of the commercial foods you’re hooked on. Before you can reach your optimal weight and health, you’ll have to dismantle your cravings for these hazardous substances. You’ll find invaluable guidance in The Diet Cure, but if you’d like help in customizing the book’s suggestions, consult the ‘Craving Coaches’ at the Virtual Clinic.” Note from author Julia Ross


About the Virtual Clinic

Everything written in THE DIET CURE is based on 26 years of experience at Julia Ross’ Northern California clinic. Between 1988 and 2014 the clinic's staff nutritionists became the world's experts in what worked and what did not work for thousands of food cravers, chronic dieters, and ‘emotional’ eaters. They learned to design individually tailored programs that stopped food cravings overnight, smoothed out emotional triggers, and provided effective dietary counsel. They also learned how to effectively help correct imbalances in food tolerance, blood sugar, and digestion, as well as thyroid, adrenal, and sex hormone function.

But the clinic had one flaw; it was too far away from many of the people who called for help from out of state and overseas. Gradually we experimented with phone and Skype, and discovered how effective virtual work could be. So, on May 27, 2014, we converted our physical clinic into an entirely virtual one. And we added Spanish and German speakers to our staff.


The primary aim of the virtual clinic is the eradication of a single problem: the problem that has literally fueled our worldwide epidemics of overweight, diabetes, and so much other suffering. That problem is the uncontrollable consumption of the most addictive and damaging substances ever known: toxic, laboratory-designed ice creams, chips, cookies, candies, and sodas. The other problems discussed in The Diet Cure can all be cleared up, but only after all cravings for these foods have disappeared and the diet has become healthy and stable as a result.
Sound impossible? It’s not. Over 90% of our clinics clients lose their cravings within a week.


The Virtual Clinic’s ‘Craving Coaches’ are the same world experts in food-craving eradication who have worked closely for years with Julia Ross in her California clinic. They are certified practitioners who have helped hundreds of food cravers to totally eliminate all interest in previously irresistible foods by nutritionally balancing the brain's appetite chemistry.

Here are a few typical examples of their clients’ success stories



  • You’ll meet at least four times with an experienced Craving Coach trained by Julia Ross
  • You’ll experience the immediate Anti-Craving effects of amino acid supplements through the use of the trialing kit you’ll be mailed.
  • Based on the results of your nutritionist-guided trials, you’ll receive a supply of the amino acids and other supplements you’ll need and written directions for taking them.
  • You’ll benefit from Tailored Dietary Guidance to stop all weight gain without the hazards of low-calorie dieting.


Four Sessions with Your Craving Coach

Assessment Intake - Is this the right program for you?   Assessing Your Food Cravings and Other Diet-Related Imbalances

We’ll discuss which foods you crave, your history, and your answers to The Diet Cure’s Quick Symptom Questionnaire and to a few other questionnaires that will be sent to you before the session. This will allow us to prepare for Session One’s craving-elimination trials as well as to spot any imbalances that you might want our help with, later, after your cravings have disappeared. Once accepted into the program, you’ll receive a ‘Trialing Kit’ in the mail a few days later. It will contain samples of all the anti-craving amino acids you might need.


Session One   Trialing the Amino Acids

During Session One you’ll try samples of specific supplements that your nutritionist has determined are the most likely to stop your particular food cravings and your emotional eating triggers. Your responses will be obvious within five minutes! A few days later you’ll receive full bottles of the Anti-Craving Supplements that your trials indicate you need, along with directions for when and how many to take.


Session Two   Fine-Tuning Your Aminos and Identifying the Best Foods for You

After one week on the complete supplement protocol you've received in the mail, your Coach will help you to further customize it by raising or lowering your doses and, perhaps, trialing additional aminos. This session will also focus on what you’re eating and how that can be improved on (without low-calorie dieting!) For example, we’ll evaluate whether eating trends such as low-fat, low-carb, gluten-free, paleo, or vegan are right for you. Since you will by this time no longer crave or overeat non-healthy foods, any dietary shifts will be easy for you to make.


Session Three   Completing the Eradication Process

It has been two weeks since you began your complete supplement program and tailored eating plan; now you’ll review your progress and make final adjustments. You’ll also get suggestions for how long you’ll need to stay on the supplements and how to keep eating enough anti-craving foods to stay immune to the lure of cookie dough and French fries–even after you stop taking the supplements. We’ll also discuss how you can further consult with us or other experts on any imbalances that may persist after your cravings and your diet have been cured.

Session Four - Craving Eradication Follow-up 

Four weeks after Session Three we’ll send you a follow-up questionnaire to make sure that your craving eradication is holding. Then we’ll review your answers and, if it seems needed, we’ll invite you to set up a troubleshooting appointment to strategize about any remaining cravings–at no cost.


Extra Sessions

You can set up extra sessions with us at any time. For example:

  • You might want extra help with menu planning or want help with your children’s cravings and diet.
  • You might want monthly “checkups” in 3-6 months.



Once you have banished your food cravings using the book or working with a Craving Coach, you can use the Virtual Clinic’s resources to correct any of these imbalances:

  • Blood sugar extremes
  • Food intolerance
  • Thyroid dysfunction
  • Adrenal dysregulation
  • Digestive problems
  • PMS or other sex hormone concerns


   For Example:

  • You might find that you lose your cravings and feel much better on your new diet, but that your energy is still not high enough for you to start exercising regularly and you want suggestions for identifying and eliminating the energy blockage.
  • You might discover that your cravings come back, temporarily, during PMS and that you’d like some added advice about how to deal with this hormone-related relapse.
  • You might want help finding accurate testing for any of the imbalances listed above.

    Program Cost and Structure

    • The assessment intake: ($75) - This is the initial, informational phone call where we gather all of the necessary details about you and your situation to determine whether or not this program is right for you.
    • Amino Acid Trialing Kit ($55)- This kit includes 2-4 of each of the amino acids that we would potentially want to trial with you. That way, you can know if a supplement works before buying the whole bottle.
    • Individualized Consultations ($145/hr)- Once a week for a least a month, then as needed.
    • Lab test (optional) ($170) - We will sometimes recommend that our clients complete a salivary cortisol test to determine if cortisol issues are involved.
    • Supplement Cost (varies) - We have estimated an average of $8/day, which is the price you may spend on a Frappuccino and a scone at Starbuck's; a slice of pizza, chips, and a coke; or a Big Mac, McFlurry, and fries at McDonald's.
    • Beyond Cravings - If we discover other imbalances that you would like our help in correcting, you can extend your number of consultations. For example, some of our clients have found out that even though their cravings improved, their energy level was still a problem. We would be happy to help you explore additional issues that may come up in the course of our work together.



    Email or call (415) 383-3611 x2

    Ask for a Spanish- or German-speaking nutritionist if you need one.

    Hablamos Espanol and wir sprechen Deutsch.

    If you would like to read about successful outcomes of cravers that have gone through the clinic, please check out our Facebook page:

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