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The NeuroNutrient Therapy Institute (NTI), directed by Julia Ross, author of the bestselling books, The Mood Cure and The Diet Cure, is the teaching branch of the internationally recognized The Nutritional Therapy Institute Clinic. The clinic, founded in 1988 in Mill Valley, California, has been training professionals and interns and providing consultation to professionals since 1992. It has been producing off-site live seminars and teleconferences throughout the U.S., in Canada, and in Europe since 2003. More recently, clinic consultants began to travel to treatment programs around the country to train entire staffs. In 2009 the clinic gathered its training and consulting services into a formal educational adjunct: The NeuroNutrient Therapy Institute. In 2010 the NTI began to certify professionals as NeuroNutrient Therapy Specialists.


In 2003 Julia Ross began conducting one- and two-day professional trainings. Over 600 professionals have since completed one or more of these Core Trainings in nutritional neurotransmitter restoration. Many have integrated neuronutrient therapy into their existing practices with much benefit. One Detroit M.D. called later to say that he’d become a hero to his patients since he’d started giving them the amino acids. This is a very common report.

Experts in NeuroNutrient Therapy are desperately needed now, both as practitioners and as instructors, because 21st century health and mood disorders have become epidemic and neurotransmitter deficiency is largely responsible. This is a genuine public health crisis, with 50% of U.S. adults and children suffering from depression and anxiety, overweight and obesity. 20% are diabetic and the rates of other diet-related degenerative diseases continue to increase as well. It is now established that addiction to refined carbohydrates is the primary cause of these problems. Like all other addictions, carbohydrate addiction results from neurotransmitter deficiency and is very responsive to neuronutrient therapy. This means that, by learning to use these nutrient tools, we now have the capacity to reverse the disastrous course of U.S. and world health!


Many trainees have requested more intensive preparation in this exciting work. Some of them have also expressed an interest in being formally certified as advanced practitioners of NeuroNutrient Therapy. This would allow the Institute to refer the many people calling and emailing for help from various parts of the country and abroad to trained specialists. A list of Certified Practitioners would then be posted on both The Diet Cure and The Mood Cure websites, and at the Clinic’s website and at it’s intake desk. It could also be referenced in reprints and new editions of Julia’s books. (Both have been reprinted over fifteen times and have sold over 250,000 copies in the U.S. and abroad.)

To respond to the need for experts in this specialty, the Institute has now developed two certification options and an advanced training seminar series described in detail here in addition to the Institute’s core trainings and consultation series.

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